Resistance Training Specialist®
“抗阻训练专家”课程为健身专业人士提供运动力学、理性思考过程以及专业授课方面的先进课程。///The Resistance Training
Specialist® program offers the most advanced courses available for fitness professionals in the areas of exercise mechanics, rational thought process,
and professional delivery.///Resistance Training Specialist®


 [[简单来讲,RTS课程提供信息和工具,帮助健身行业从业人员达到专业理解水平,打破教条的规则和行业趋势,并培养训练有素、考虑周密的健身专业人士。///Stated simply, the RTS program delivers the information and tools to empower those utilizing exercise in their profession to a level of professional understanding, breaking the dogma of mindless rules and industry trends, and raising up thoughtful and equipped exercise specialists.///簡單來講,RTS課程提供信息和工具,幫助健身行業從業人員達到專業理解水平,打破教條的規則和行業趨勢,並培養訓練有素、考慮周密的健身專業人士。]]